Like every aspect of the enterprise mobile landscape, support is a mixed bag of platforms and user issues. Podilisoft can help you customize and tailor support to the unique mobile context.

Podilisoft Mobile Security ensures the highest enterprise standards for data encryption, device authentication, user access, and the disabling/wiping of compromised devices.

  • Community. Podilisoft can help you to leverage the growing expertise within your user base. By providing tools and incentives to users who offer support, the burden on dedicated support staff can be reduced significantly.
  • Context. Podilisoft understands that your applications don't exist in a vacuum. Our support staff works to develop a close understanding of how applications are being leveraged and utilized through diverse user populations, further improving support efforts.
  • Tiered Support. Podilisoft structures support so that urgent & complicated items can be escalated appropriately.

Podilisoft offers a flexible range of support options, based on device, user population, or support load. The goal of our support offering is to ensure that users are supported, educated, and empowered.