There is no easy way to say it: mobile devices are now the most vulnerable entry point for malware and threats to the corporate network. Podilisoft can help you make sure that security concerns don't derail your mobile goals.

Podilisoft Mobile Security ensures the highest enterprise standards for data encryption, device authentication, user access, and the disabling/wiping of compromised devices.

  • Encrypt. Podilisoft can help you ensure that data traveling over wifi and cellular networks maintains the highest levels of encryption and security.
  • Disable. When devices are compromised, Podilisoft will ensure that you have the capability in place for their disabling and wiping. Authenticate. Podilisoft Mobile Security will architect user access so that it is deeply integrated with existing web security and user roles.
  • Protect. Podilisoft Mobile Security will consistently implement the latest malware protection, so that your users and network are protected.

Security concerns can cripple an enterprise's mobile goals. Don't let security limit enterprise productivity; work with Podilisoft to make sure that your company can move forward safely and effectively.