Rapid Prototyping

Mobile applications are used by a constantly evolving, highly-specialized audience. Podilisoft understands that serving this audience requires an agile development process that can leverage lessons quickly through rapid iteration.

  • Fail fast. We build screens and functional prototypes in the spirit of rapid iteration, so that we can see what is and isn't working almost immediately.
  • Test often. Your audience will benefit from thoroughly-tested, carefully-vetted interface decisions.
  • Build and build again. Our rapid prototyping philosophy is part of an agile development process that stretches from project conception through all phases of development. The key, in our view, is that the agile process never ends, and your products continue to evolve.

Podilisoft uses a hybrid agile development process that overcomes the limits of the traditional consulting relationship. We understand that, although our customers can benefit from an agile process, budgets and timelines are often limited. Contact us to learn more about our unique agile practice.