Porting & Localization

It isn't optional. Your mobile applications must work across multiple platforms and borders. Podilisoft Solutions can help you make this happen...without multiplying your development costs.

  • Plan. Work with Podilisoft to ensure that your applications are architected in a manner that will ease porting and localization.
  • Execute. Porting and localization efforts can often be more difficult to manage than original application development. Podilisoft's experienced team will help to ensure that you execute on this part of the process without breaking the bank or inflating timelines unnecessarily.
  • Support. As your application changes and grows, Podilisoft will help you plan for and implement content and functionality upgrades across platforms and languages.

Podilisoft is an international workforce that specializes in a range of platforms; we are uniquely equipped to handle porting and localization. We understand that until it works everywhere, your application is not truly mobile.