Development & Testing

By their nature, mobile applications demand careful, dedicated testing. Bandwith problems, platform issues, and the nuances of geo-location are just a few of the unique challenges. Our testing process has been tailored to address mobility.

  • Prepare. Podilisoft begins planning testing from the earliest stages of development, through user stories, platform/location checklists, and tool selection.
  • Understand. Our QA engineers are often involved during development, which gives them the ability to find and address issues with remarkable efficiency.
  • Automate when appropriate. Podilisoft leverages the efficiency that automated tools bring to the testing process. However, we don't overvalue automation, instead recognizing that rigorous QA is dependent on rigorous, creative people.

Bodthree is an end-to-end design, development, and testing team. This enables us to look at Quality Assurance with a holistic perspective. Our testing team works hard to understand both functional and business requirements, so that we deliver a product that works in all respects.