Product Engineering

Podilisoft Solutions provides product engineering outsourcing, product development and maintenance, to produce products built with passion.

Podilisoft Solutions is a preferred software vendor for Cisco systems, providing product engineering, and specialized quality assurance services to Cisco projects. Podilisoft engineers are currently working on major enterprise initiatives of Cisco products delivering the above services. Podilisoft accelerates the design, development, and maintenance of Cisco security products and helps Cisco to reduce the time to market its quality assurance and product engineering services. Cisco is currently leveraging on our quality program management, proven software processes, methodologies and tools. Our skilled software product engineers with deep experience and expertise in leading edge technologies help increase the quality of successful products for Cisco.

Growing the business in today's world involves managing numerous applications which are accessed by employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. As the use of internet increased exponentially, so does the the necessity to manage the security, authentication, policy and entitlement rules. It has become very critical to manage the identity of the users and enforce appropriate policy rules at enterprise level in order to ensure the ease of maintenance, security and align with stringent government and industry regulations.

The most effective way to manage applications across the enterprise to address these concerns, is to decouple the management of user identity, entitlement rules and policy management from respective applications. Creation of entitlement-related authentication rules, authorization, attributes, controls, identity of resources and auditing should be standardized as separate entity that is accessible and used by applications as needed.

Podilisoft Solutions offers very flexible, cost-effective and reliable solutions to manage Entitlement and Policies across the enterprise. EPM sits basically right at the network entry point, thus protecting from hackers, enforcing entitlement and policy rules and opening limited path into network. Clients can reduce operational costs, improve security, improve business processes and enjoy increased product visibility by having:

  • A centralized interface to manage policies and user authentication rules
  • A single, simple interface to all the application to enforce user authentication and entitlement rules
  • A single source to collect authentication and entitlements related audit reports