Our Products

V-Biz Suite

Product that provides simple and easy way to configure and manage the merchant’s products and services to sell online. The targeted customers are small businesses like restaurants, automobile mechanic shops, saloon shops, grocery stores, dental clinics, acupuncture clinics etc. This product provides the platform for the customers to setup their inventory and resources online and should be able to provide a dynamic view on their webpage. The turnaround time for any customer’s website to make a complete and full-fledged web and mobile enabled site is 24 hours including setup.

The features include:

Customer organization Management that include

  • Organization creation
  • Store/location creation
  • Organizational level dynamic content visuals
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Organizational level user management

Organization preferences

  • Order communication
  • Notification communications
  • Billing preferences
  • Timings

Inventory management

  • Store level inventory
  • Item master
  • Multi lingual product descriptions
  • Global pricelists
  • Inventory available timings

Order Management

  • Track orders
  • Order lists
  • Order details
  • Customer tracking


  • Dynamic promotional coupon visuals
  • Buffet table management
  • Customer specials
  • Daily /weekly/monthly specials


  • Customer Reports
  • Order reports
  • Inventory reports

Service Management


Appointment management

Live web chat

Customer accounts

V-Config Solutions

Guided selling product and service configuration system provides easy and simple way to configure the most complex hi-tech, network and healthcare products. Provides very complex configuration solutions for perpetual and subscription based services for products. Configuration features uses top to bottom and bottom to top methodologies to configure the products. Some of the key features include.

  • BOM support
  • Data separation
  • Rules execution
  • Modeling
  • Management console for policy and process
  • Dynamic rules blocks to build custom dynamic features
  • Service options (Subscription, perpetual)


This system primarily for customers to get quote for their catering needs. This product provides platform for small scale food selling business organizations to setup their catering inventory and setup their catering options. Customers will select multiple similar rated businesses and request for quote. The backend team works with business contacts to get the quote price for customer orders and provide to the customers. This is an excellent tool and provides easy way to get best quote prices for their event catering needs.


For enquiries on any of the above products, please contact us at info@podilisoft.net.